Abroad Study: Beware Of These Scams If You Want To Study Abroad


Abroad Education: It is the desire of every student to study abroad. But, going abroad to study is not so easy. Before this, many preparations have to be done and one has to stay away from the fraudsters. By keeping a few things in mind, you can easily avoid these scams.

Process Of Abroad Studies:

Studying abroad is a big step in the life of every student. This is a huge investment for most Indian middle class families. If seen, it is a bigger investment than buying a house. 

If students are successful in getting good education then their luck becomes good. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

In such a situation, it is necessary to do full preparation and research from your side so that your money is not wasted. 

Today many scams are also going on in the name of studying abroad. You need to avoid these scams, or else you may end up with bad luck.

understand the process

The process of applying abroad is different from India. Here everything depends only on one entrance test, while there the performance of the last several years is also taken into account. 

Apart from this, you are also given attention to extracurricular activities, engagement in research, recommendation and assessment. 

In such a situation, you should first gather information about the whole process.

Agent vs. Counselor

Do you know the difference between an agent and a counselor? Check whether your best interests are being taken into account. 

Check to see if agents or counselors are allowing you to apply to universities that are not affiliated or in partnership with them. This will be his true identity.

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forgery of financial documents

Studying abroad is not that cheap. A lot of money has to be spent for this. Do not falsify financial documents to deposit money. 

If you are caught once, you will be banned from applying for a visa forever. Keep your financial documents in good standing.

visa sacks

Many students are promised guaranteed visas by agents. But, the truth is that no agent can control your visa. Don’t trust agents as they can make you lose for their profit. 

It is important to be careful in these matters or else you may lose your passport along with your visa.


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