BIHAR BOARD RESULT 2022: Results Gave A Smile, The Challenge Increased But What To Fear, Choose The Path Ahead Wisely


In the months of March and April, when different boards release the results of class 10th and 12th, naturally there is a lot of confusion as to what next. But you have to get out of those entanglements and move forward. After analyzing the results, you can decide for yourself in which field you can give your best.

The result of Matriculation Annual Examination (High School)

Has been declared by the Bihar School Examination Committee. During the Corona period, it was a time of two-way examination for the students. 

One is the stress of crossing the most important stage like matriculation and on the other hand the stress of studying by fighting the negativity spread all around due to corona. 

But the result of Bihar Board has spread a smile of happiness on the faces of lakhs of students today. 

Although some students may not have got the result as expected, but there is no need to be disappointed because this is not the destination but the first step in the ladder of success. 

It is not necessary that if you are behind today, you will keep on going backward, but if you keep your morale high, then you will go far ahead in the race of life. Along with this, students who get good marks should also take it only as a stop, nothing more.

Yes, I called this stage because now what path will you choose in 11th and how will you decide that path, it will decide what you will become in future. 

Only after matriculation you have to decide whether you take humanities subject or science or commerce. But the only question is which stream you should choose. So let me explain to you some basic things for this.

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First of all, any side whether it is art or science or commerce, do not have to choose anyone’s sight. Often students go by the opinion of their friend. If a best friend or friend has taken science, then he himself has also taken science. 

If a friend took commerce, then he chose commerce. Don’t do this at all. Most of the children at this age believe a lot in friendship and go on the same path considering the opinion of their friends as good without evaluating them. 

Whereas if you really want to be successful, then you should not decide by being influenced by someone’s likes and dislikes.

The goal of life that you have made, choose the necessary side for that goal. For example, if you want to go to the rank of officer in the military, then choose science stream. 

If you want to become an engineer or a doctor, then choose Mathematics and Biology respectively. If you are a C.A. Or if you want to move forward in the field of accountant or industry, then choose commerce. 

If you want to advance in the field of civil service, teaching or social service, then art subjects can prove to be more useful. If you are feeling yourself unable to make a decision, then first of all talk openly with your parents. 

Parents should also discuss this matter openly with their children and share their wishes, likes and dislikes. Don’t impose dreams on children. 

God has chosen everyone for some particular work, so he has sent him with some special talent. 

As parents, it is their responsibility to objectively evaluate that hidden talent in their children and try to move forward in the same direction as to how that talent can be further enhanced.

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Each student has to do his own fair assessment. Every child is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses. 

So instead of being inspired by someone’s opinion or desire, choose your path based on your talent, desire and circumstances.

One thing which is most important is that two years of intermediate are the most valuable years of life. If the hard work of these two years is not completed, then at least half of your luck will decide. 

Therefore, instead of wasting these two years in vain in friendship, fun and fun, throw yourself in the furnace of hard work. You don’t know how important these two years are. Its

You will understand the importance later when you will succeed or fail. I again urge you to choose your side very carefully and whatever side you choose, give your full strength by concentrating on it. In the end, with these two lines, I would like to give you a very important message that-

“Today do it with enthusiasm, try to light the lamp.

Who knows from you where Roshan Sara is tomorrow.

– Dr. Shyam Sundar Pathak ‘Anant’

(The author is an assistant commissioner in the GST department of Uttar Pradesh and a well-known motivational lecturer, poet and career and life coach.)


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