Board Exam 2022: Board Exams Between Kovid Cases, See What Is Right Online And Offline


Board Exam 2022: Kovid cases are increasing again, every day around thousand cases are coming, in such a situation, schools have also opened and board exams are also being conducted in offline mode, we will know here in which format it will be the exam. Might be beneficial…

Board Exam 2022 Online or Offline: 

According to a report, in the last 24 hours, about 950 Kovid positive cases have been found, while the death of 6 people has been confirmed. The effect of Kovid is again being seen more in the metro city. Cities like Delhi and NCR are witnessing a steady increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. 

As the positivity rate is increasing for the last few days, the most worrying thing is that the schools were opened after a gap of almost two years and in a private school in Delhi both students and teachers have been found to be Corona positive. 

No one knows when this number will increase, it may be under control, or it may again be a sign of a terrible situation. Here along with the opening of the school, the offline examination has also started, almost all the examinations are conducting the examination in their old pattern, while CBSE is also going to conduct the term 2 paper in offline mode from April 26.

If the current trend continues, by May it could become a major challenge which will not be easy to deal with. 

Here CBSE has decided that the students can be sent to the examination center far away, whereas this was not the case in the term 1 examination. 

After this decision, the matter has once again heated up, as many people are calling it correct while most people are not able to understand the logic behind it. 

Not only schools but experts in the medical profession are also averse to the idea of ​​giving examination centers away from schools.

One small mistake can become a disaster

Critics argue that having an examination center nearby would have provided a better security environment. It takes less time to travel, save money and have other benefits. This would give them an opportunity to reach the examination center easily. 

If arranged in the same school, it is even better as the student is more familiar with the environment of that school, hence can take care of security in a better way. Apart from this, medical experts believe that even a slight mistake while following the Kovid-19 guidelines can lead to disaster.

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Although CBSE had issued guidelines for conducting Term-2 examinations a few days back, it does not mention why it has changed the concept of keeping examination centers away from students. This is when another Covid-19 wave is very likely.

Apart from this, questions are also being raised that many students have not attended regular physical classes for the last two years and in such a situation no step has been taken about how psychologically prepared they are for the offline examination.

Many people are seeking the final result based on the performance of Term-1 examinations.


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