Next Exam Will Have To Be Given For Doing Mbbs From Ukraine And Other Countries, Know What Are The Rules


Indian Students in Ukraine: Under the new rule, now students coming to India after studying MBBS from abroad will have to pass the NEXT exam for practice.

Indian Students in Ukraine: 

The process of Indian students trapped in Ukraine continues to come to India. Till February 28, 1374 Indians have returned through Operation Ganga. 

And efforts are on to bring back the remaining Indians in Ukraine. Before the war, about 18,000 Indian students were present there. Meanwhile, Naveen Shekharappa of Karnataka died in Kharkiv during the firing. 

Naveen went to Ukraine to teach medicine in Kharkiv. Naveen was pursuing his fourth year MBBS in Ukraine. 

Every year hundreds of students visit Ukraine

According to information from the Prolog Abroad website, there are mainly 18 medical universities in Ukraine. Where Indian students take admission. Here for a six-year MBBS course, a fee of Rs 20-25 lakh has to be paid. 

However, for students pursuing MBBS from other countries including Ukraine, it is necessary to pass the exam to practice in India. 

Before 18 November 2021, students pursuing MBBS degree from abroad had to come to India and pass the FMGE exam under the Screening Test Regulation, 2002. 

Which was held twice a year. And to be successful it is necessary to get at least 50% marks.

Will there be a new exam from 2022 and 23?

But new rules have been implemented from 18 November 2021. Under this, now the NEXT exam conducted on the basis of the new rules will have to be passed. 

The new rules will apply to those students. Under this, students who have obtained MBBS degree from abroad before 18 November 2021. 

You can click on this link to know its detailed rules.

In July, a meeting of the National Medical Council (NMC) was held under the chairmanship of Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on when the NEXT exam would be conducted. 

In which it was decided to conduct the National Exit Test (NEXT) in the first half of 2023. 

This test is also a mock run planned in 2022 to remove the exam anxiety among medical students.

Government’s new instruction on admission abroad

Meanwhile, the government has issued a new advisory for children planning to pursue MBBS abroad. 

According to the advisory issued by the Ministry of External Affairs on 18 February 2022, it has been said that such information has come to the fore that many medical universities have opened in Kyrgyzstan in the last one year. 

In which around 200 Indian students have taken admission. Whereas not a single Kyrgyz student has taken admission in these institutions. 

It is important for the students that before taking admission for MBBS studies in any country, they must pay attention to the rules of FMGE Regulation 2021 of the National Medical Commission. 

The full advisory can be read at this link.


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