PRERNA: So Young Will Be Seen Even At The Age Of 70, 17-year-old Lakshya Sharma Is Doing, Research On Anti-aging Drugs


Inspiration story: Lakshya Sharma, recently working as an intern in research research, told during a conversation with Times Now Navbharat that how we can keep ourselves fit like a 20 year old youth at the age of 70 and how to live life. The rate can be increased.


Due to changes in diet and lifestyle, nowadays every second person is troubled by the problem of age illness. People at the age of 30 are suffering from diseases as of the age of 70. 

This is the reason why the death rate is increasing rapidly and the life rate is decreasing. Young people who are passing through the most valuable and most active phase of life are no longer untouched by catastrophic diseases like tumors or cancer. 

Also, as people get older, people keep battling with dreadful diseases one after the other.

In such a situation, can we keep ourselves fit at the age of 70 like a 20 year old youth, can we increase our life rate? Lakshya Sharma, a recent Delhi Public School student and intern in research research, answered all these questions during an interaction with Times Now Navbharat. 

Lakshya has done that work at the age of just 17. Lakshya told that the senescent cells present in our body are responsible for old age. With increasing age, their number increases in the body and they feast on serious diseases.

Let us tell you that 17-year-old Lakshya, a native of Aligarh living in Sector 45 of Gurugram, is searching for a medicine that will not let you get old. Even at the age of 70, you will be able to keep yourself fit like a youth of 20 years. 

With this you will live longer, so through this article, we will tell you how such a young boy got attracted towards this research and how to keep himself safe from the infection of serious diseases with increasing age. 

And how can the life expectancy be increased by reducing the death rate.

Sunsent cells treat serious diseases

Lakshya reported that the number of senescent cells in a 55- to 60-year-old man is higher than that of a 20-year-old. Sunset cells are responsible for aging. 

As the number of these cells increases in the body, a person becomes infected with cancer, tumors and heart related diseases along with many other serious diseases. 

Along with this, the ability to hear and see is also affected. Not only this, our bones become weak and it feasts on hundreds of diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure, depression etc.

Lakshya told that if these cells are removed from the body by taking some medical measures, then we can remain healthy even at the age of 70 and due to this the person can live for a long time. 

Also, serious diseases can be eradicated from the root. For this we need to research some senolytic drugs. Through this, senescent cells can be eliminated in the body.

This research is being done on rats

American institutions such as the Buck Institute of Aging and the Mayo Clinic are also continuously researching it. 

Researchers have started its research on rats, for this, the researchers took two different mice, the first rat has senescent cells and in the second rat these cells were removed. 

The research found that mice with senescent cells were found to be suffering from diseases like sarcopenia, subcutaneous, fat loss, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis after a few days, whereas mice without senescent lived 25 to 35 percent longer than that.

Parent’s love inspired research

Lakshya, endowed with an outstanding scientific aptitude, told that his grandmother had died of cancer. In such a situation, I no longer want to lose my parents due to any disease or old age, I want my parents’ presence till I am alive. 

So I started researching on this topic. He told that with this crores of people will be able to remain free from diseases in old age.

How to keep yourself fit when there is no time

During the conversation, Lakshya was asked how a person can keep himself fit when there is no time during work from home. Lakshya told that for this you should prepare a plan of yoga and diet in your daily routine. 

Also follow it every one to two hours. In this way you can keep yourself healthy.

DRDO has given recognition for research

Let us tell you that 17-year-old Lakshya has worked as an academic researcher i.e. research intern for few months with professors in various research institutes like IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur, IIT BHU, IISU Bangalore along with his studies. 

During the lockdown, he first approached the Proteomics Laboratory of IIT Bombay to study cancer. 

Not only this, in view of the research efforts of Lakshya, he has also been encouraged by the Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Also, he has been recognized by the Director of DRDO for research on senolytic drugs. 

At the same time, during the conversation, Lakshya told that NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant has also appreciated his work and he is going to meet him soon.


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