REPUBLIC DAY POEM 2022: Poems Of Republic Day Full Of Enthusiasm And Passion


Republic Day Poem in Hindi 2022: India’s 73rd Republic Day will be celebrated on 26 January 2022. On this occasion, let’s get acquainted with the poems of Republic Day.

Republic Day Poem in Hindi 2022:  

India’s 73rd Republic Day will be celebrated on 26 January 2022. Republic Day is the national festival of the country when the Constitution of India came into force. 

The first President of the country, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, declared India a full republic on 26 January 1950 by hoisting the flag with a 21-gun salute. 

In the year 1950, on 26 January itself, the Indian Constitution came into full force. Therefore, we celebrate this day as Republic Day. The Indian Constitution is the longest written constitution in the world. 

Poetry recitation is also done at many places on this day. People recite poetry in schools and meetings. On this occasion, let us read you poems composed on Republic Day. 

poems on republic day 

Another chain snaps, say Bharat Maa Ki Jai.
In the discussion of these chains, how many tied their hands,
some built prisons because of touching them
, some used sticks to catch them, whipped them,
and some lost their lives in shocking them!
But steel cursed with martyr’s death cries is like raw thread.
Another chain snaps, say Bharat Maa Ki Jai.

Say jai to the patient who awakened the sleeping country,
who dressed the effigies of clay as heroes,
who found a unique way to get freedom,
and himself in walking on that one who laid his head,
wrote to the world to eradicate hatred, who wrote to the world with his blood ,
‘Whoever mixes poison in your interests, you mix nectar in his interest.’
Another chain snaps, say Bharat Maa Ki Jai.

It is not difficult to drive away the external obstacle,
it is not difficult to remove the external bondage,
what is difficult to say to the strangers, lead the way to your home,
but do not know when sitting in your own people,
outside when there is a fetter, the knots inside too If all the
external bonds are broken, now open the inner bondage.
Another chain snaps, say Bharat Maa Ki Jai.

Cut shackles and handcuffs, rejoice, sing auspicious,
but there is no goal here, step forward on the path,
freedom is not an idol that sits in the temple,
if you want to worship it, compete with the stars.
Freedom is not a light flower, it is a heavy responsibility,
to carry it, weigh the shoulders, the arms, the force.
Another chain snaps, say Bharat Maa Ki Jai.

Harivanshrai Bachchan

The land on which Chishti narrated the message of Haq
, in which Nanak sang the song of
Badhat, whom the Tatars made their home, the
one who rescued the Arabs from the Hejazis
, my country is the same, my country is the same.

The one who had given ilmo-skills to all the places,
the one who surprised the Greeks, the
soil whose rights had given the effect of the
Turks, who had filled the heart with diamonds
, my country is the same, my country is the same,
the stars were broken in Persia From the sky of the world, the one who had heard the sound of
evil from
the sayings, the world from which the
cold wind came to Meer-Arab, from where
my country is the same, my country is the same.

– Iqbal

The waist has tightened now, I will show you by doing something, I
will be free, or I will cut off my head, I will
not back away from fear
, I will raise my legs from atrocities, We
are not unarmed, We have the strength of the spinning
wheel . From the ground we will hum, I
don’t care about any power, not of sorrow, of weeds,

It is on the palm, we will lose it at once,
we will not take out the
sword even with the tongue, you will bow your head, we have
learned that new, we have to use this way of fighting,
gun machines, we will put the chest,
get us hanged, by declaration It is said that with
blood we will make army of martyrs, the
passengers of Andaman, you made
them, when the bloodthirs are free, we will call them

-Ashfaqulla Khan

Ilahi well! They always give new blessings, they forgive
us, what we plead for, sometimes we
liberate, sometimes we destroy,
but even then we remember them with a hundred ji
, I wish with asirane-kafas,
keep saying this saying, free . By the way, we free you,
what does Ahle-Gam wait for
, see when they marry Dil-Nashad
, by saying this, we have
freed them now in prison-Ulfat, they set free now

Sitam has not seen such a thing, Jaffa has not seen such a thing,
they ask to be silent, what we complain about is not good, we
do not do this thing good,
why do you ruin us by thinking of us as helpless?
Somebody makes a Bismil, who makes us ‘Bismil’ in Maktal,
so we fear and complain with a suppressed voice.

– Ram Prasad Bismil

Look, the Republic Day has come again,
which as soon as it came, was engulfed in our hearts and minds.
This is the national festival of our country, that’s
why everyone loves it.
We had a special wait for this occasion,
because on this day we got the gift of the Republic.
Come, let the message of Republic Day reach the
people, explain the importance of the Republic to the people.
New dawn in India by the republic,
before this there was darkness of dictatorship in the country.
Because without a republic, dictatorship comes in the country,
no rights are promised, air and air.
So come now don’t wait any longer, let
‘s celebrate the national festival of Republic Day together.

‘Come hoist the tricolor’

Come hoist the tricolor, come hoist the tricolor,
it’s your republic day, come, dance, dance, celebrate.
We will celebrate our 73rd Republic Day with joy, pay
homage to the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country.
Our republic came into force on 26 January 1950,
the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad had hoisted the flag,
called Sukarno as the chief guest,
who was the Indonesian President, also a benevolent of India,
that historic moment was ours. Of which the whole of India was proud.
We have won the title of the world’s largest constitution,
we have played the dance of democracy all over the world.
Follow the rules mentioned in this in your life,
hold each other’s hand, step forward
, let’s wave the tricolor, let’s hoist the tricolor,
Come, dance, dance, celebrate your Republic Day.

There is truth on the lips, where there is cleanliness in the heart
, we are residents of that country, we are residents of
the country in which the Ganges flows, the guest
who belongs to us is dearer than life,
not much greed to us, a little I live
for the children, the mother earth, which endures everything for centuries
, we are residents of that country, we are residents of
the country in which the Ganges flows.

Some people who know more, know less man,
this is the East, the people of the East, know the value of every life,
live together and love, the only thing that remains is
that we are residents of that country, we are residents of that country.
In the country where Ganga Flows

We taught what we got, we adopted the people too,
being blind for the sake of meaning, we have not worshiped the bread,
now what do we do, the whole world tells the whole world
, we are residents of that country, we are residents of
the country in which Ganga flows..

– Shailendra

eyes of my country

No, these are not the
my country

Wrinkled from the tension
, the eyes of my country, the eyes of my country,
leaking ridges
across the fields ,
are not the
of my country. Those eyes are sometimes empty looking for the horizon line …

He bowed his waist , wiped
the sweat from his forehead,
left the bag with his hand
and blew through the cloud of dust from the moon of the
winter, in the
muddy moon-face , he
raised the tired eyelids
and swam across the many oceans of
my country. Eyes…

– Agnostic

When the country is in danger from
the traitors, it is necessary to eradicate the traitors from the earth,
when the young country is being misled
, it is necessary to show it the right path.

When despair has spread everywhere in the country,
it is necessary to sound the trumpet of revolution,
when a woman finds herself helpless
, it is necessary to make her Laxmibai.

When the country is not safe in the hands of the leaders,
then it is necessary for Subhash to come,
when the country does not change through direct means,
then rebellion is necessary.

Hail India..

Immortal remember his sacrifice , do
n’t talk for years, may
the tricolor of old Azad Hind always be high

We are lucky that we were born
here, the fragrance of the soil here, the belongingness of
the winds here
should be the respect of the national anthem in every heart.

If the tricolor starts bowing,
then we should sacrifice ourselves, but we
cannot bow our heads.

Hindustan is golden bird
, be it Christian, Sikh, Hindu or Muslim, whatever we may be,
wherever we may be,
only Indians remain
immortal, let them remember their sacrifices.


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