REPUBLIC DAY QUIZ 2022: Know How Much You Know About Republic Day, Test Your Knowledge Through This Quiz,


Republic Day 2022 Quiz: Times Now Navbharat has brought a quiz for its readers, by answering which you can know how much you know about the Republic Day parade and history. You can share this to your family and friends.

Republic Day 2022 Quiz: 

Republic Day is celebrated all over the country on 26 January. This is the day when patriotism and immense affection and respect for the motherland awakens in the mind of every Indian. 

Also, on this day every person feels proud of his country of India, stronger than the sky. Every Indian celebrates Republic Day as a national festival with Ganga on its lips and tricolor in hands.

On this day flag hoisting ceremonies are organized by the armed forces and school children from place to place, while a grand parade is organized at Rajpath in New Delhi. 

Which is called Republic Day Parade or Republic Day Parade, which is presided over by the President. It showcases the rich cultural heritage and military prowess of the country.

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People try to get passes to attend the Republic Day parade months in advance. However, due to the horrific outbreak of Corona virus, not many people are allowed to participate in the parade for the last two years. 

In such a situation, people enjoy the parade sitting at home and salute the courage and valor of the soldiers of their country. Most of us must have attended the parade at some point.

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In such a situation, Times Now Navbharat has brought a quiz paper for its readers, by answering which you can know how much you know about the Republic Day parade and history. 

You can share this with your family and friends to find out how much they know about it. Explain that each question is of one number and has four options. All questions are answered at last.

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Question 1.   Which country was the chief guest of the First Republic Day Parade (1950)?

a. Indonesia
b. China
c. USA
d. Sri Lanka

Question 2. 
 Where will the Republic Day Parade 2022 conclude?
a. Vijay Chowk
b. Red Fort
c. National Stadium
d. Raisina Hills

Question 3.  Who conducts the selection process for the tableau of Republic Day Parade?
a. Ministry of Civil Aviation
b. Prime Minister and Defense Minister
c. Ministry of Defense
d. NCC and Defense Minister

Question 4.  Where was the first parade of Republic Day held?
a. Rajpath
b. Irvine Stadium (National Stadium)
c. Red Fort
d. Vijay Chowk

Question 5.  Which tune/song has been dropped from the Beating Retreat ceremony this year?
a. Jai Janma Bhoomi
b. All the best
c. Abide by me
d. O people of my country

Question 6.  On which path does the Republic Day Parade cover a long distance?
a. 3 km
b. 2 km
c. 5 km
d. 8 km

Question 7.  How many gun salute is given to the President on Republic Day?

Question 8. 
 Has Pakistan’s chief guest ever been to India’s Republic Day parade?
a.yes (once)
b. yes (twice)

Question 9.  How many marching parties are there in the Republic Day Parade 2022?

Question 10.  Which ceremony marks the end of the Republic Day celebrations?
a. Ringing of the retreat
b. Address of the President
c. End of Parade
d. Flypast

Answer: 1:a, 2:c, 3:c, 4:a, 5:c, 6:d, 7:b, 8:b, 9:d, 10:a    

  • Disclaimer: Attention Hey Times Now is not recording any personal information. The quiz is for entertainment and educational purposes only.


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