Unique Id Will Be Created For Mbbs Doctor, Rules Of Registration And Practice Will Also Change


NMC Draft Guidelines: National Medical Commission is going to bring new rules for registration, practice of medical professionals in India.

New Delhi: The National Medical Commission is going to bring new rules for the registration, practice of medical professionals in India. 

Under this, many rules will be made for doctors doing MBBS in the country and practicing in India after doing MBBS from abroad. In which there will be provision from their unique ID to National Register etc. 

what’s the new offer

According to the draft report issued by the National Medical Commission, rules will be framed for License to Practice Medicine 2022 and Registration of Additional Qualification, 2022 and provisional registration of doctors practicing in India after pursuing medical studies abroad. 

On the basis of which medical graduates and post graduates will be able to complete the process of registration and practice.

Unique ID of each doctor

A dynamic National Medical Register will be created as per the draft guidelines. A unique ID will be provided to each student who has qualified NEET. 

To which all his professional qualifications will be linked. In this, degrees from MBBS to PG will be linked.

Apart from this, it is also proposed to provide registration facility to the students pursuing doctor’s degree from abroad and studying other services like PG, fellowship, clinical research etc. in India. 

Its NMC will now provide such doctors a 12-month provisional registration which will expire with the duration of the programme. 

NTA NEET 2022: When will the medical examination of NEET be held? Application registration starts from this day on neet.nta.nic.in

You have to do PASS for practice, this exam

According to the draft, Indian medical graduates will clear the National Exit Test (NEXT) after completing their MBBS degree from a recognized college and completing their year-long compulsory internship. 

After that he will be eligible for registration in the National Medical Register. Similarly, students pursuing MBBS degree from abroad will have to complete an internship in India. 

After which they have to qualify NEXT. After which he will be eligible for practice.

NMC has just released the draft guidelines. After this, he will issue the final guideline after taking the opinion of all the concerned parties.


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