UP GOVERNMENT ON MADRASSAS: Yogi Government Has Changed The Picture Of Madrassas, Now Teachers Will Be Recruited Through Tet


UP Government on Madrassas: The Uttar Pradesh government has taken a big decision regarding the students and teachers studying in the madrassas of the state. In more than 16000 madrasas of the state, now the recruitment of teachers will be done through TET exam. There are more than 16,461 madrasas in the state out of which 560 are aided by the government.

UP Government on Madrassas: 

After assuming the reins of the state for the second time in a row, the Yogi government has started improving the picture of madrassas along with the educational institutions of the state. 

The government is going to make Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), mandatory for the recruitment of teachers in madrassas. Which clearly means that from now onwards the teachers teaching in madrasas will be recruited only through TET exam.

Giving information to PTI on Sunday, Minister of State for Minority Welfare, Danish Azad Ansari said that at present a proposal is being prepared to implement this new rule.

‘Government wants to increase the quality of education in madrasas’

On this decision of the government, the minister further said that NCERT syllabus will also be implemented to provide quality education to the students in the madrassas of the state. 

“Since it is a scientifically designed curriculum, it is also essential to have trained teachers to teach it well,” the minister said. In view of this, the government is going to make TET mandatory for the recruitment of teachers in madrassas.

Will the government change the law?

According to the minister, it is necessary to make TET mandatory in the recruitment of teachers of modern education in madrasas. In the year 2017, the government has already approved teaching from NCERT books in ‘Tathaniya’ (Classes 1 to 5), ‘Faukaniya’ (Classes 5 to 8) and Aaliya or higher Aaliya level (High School and above) madrassas. Due to which there is no need to change the law for this new rule.

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TET will not be mandatory for these subjects

Danish Azad Ansari has clearly stated that the requirement of TET will not apply to teachers of Urdu, Arabic, Farsi or Diniyat. It is being implemented only for the recruitment of teachers teaching NCERT syllabus.

Will there be discrimination against teachers in madrasas?

On this move of the government, Hakeem Abdul Haq, joint general secretary of teachers’ union Madaris Arabiya said that by recruiting teachers through TET in madrasas to teach NCERT syllabus in the state, discrimination among teachers themselves may start. 

He said that “making TET mandatory for teachers imparting modern education will lead to a difference of qualifications and education among teachers teaching in the same madrassa, as the educational qualifications of teachers who are admitted after passing the TET must be Arabic, Persian, Diniyat, etc. and those who teach Urdu.

Meanwhile, Haque has also demanded the introduction of special TET courses for madrassa teachers teaching Diniyat, Urdu, Arabic and Persian. 

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What is the qualification of teachers in madrasas at present?

As per the procedure currently in force for recruitment of teachers in madrasas, the minimum qualification for a teacher teaching class 1 to 5 should be Intermediate with Urdu or any equivalent certificate. 

Also the minimum qualification for teacher to teach in class 5 to 8 is Kamil degree or Arabic Persian or Arabic or Persian for graduation degree from university with Diniyat and Fazil or Aaliyah (High school and above).

Let us inform that at present there are about 16,461 madrasas in the state which are affiliated to the madrasa board. Of these, 560 madrassas are aided by the government.


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