Up: Now Medical And Engineering Studies Will Be Done In Hindi, Cm Yogi Tweeted Information


MBBS Course In Hindi: After Madhya Pradesh government, students in Uttar Pradesh will also be able to study medical and engineering in Hindi. CM Yogi Adityanath tweeted this information. He told that now medical and engineering studies can be done in Hindi also. The officials of the Education Department have completed its preparation.

Yogi government has taken a big step for the upliftment of Hindi language. 

Under the National Education Policy, now medical and engineering studies will be in the Indian language. 

The state government had completed its preparation long back. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath tweeted this information. He said that some of the medical and engineering books have been translated into Hindi. 

In the coming session, the courses of these subjects will be read in Hindi in the universities and colleges of the state. Let us tell you that after issuing the official press notice in Sanskrit, this is the biggest step of the Yogi government towards the upliftment of the official language.Till now, medical and engineering studies are being done in English in the country. 

But now Uttar Pradesh is going to become the second state in the country, where medical and engineering studies can be done in Hindi language. 

Yogi Sarkar has given weak MBBS and Engineering in English language (Engineering Course In Hindi) has given flight to the spirits of the students.

After the introduction of the course in Hindi, it will be easy for poor and middle class students to study. The state government is also going to fulfill the dream of medical college in every district. The work of medical colleges in 75 districts of the state is nearing completion.

Medical and engineering books released

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today released three Hindi books on MBBS Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry at Gandhi Medical College, Madhya Pradesh. 

The special thing is that the technical words have not been changed in the Hindi syllabus, it has been written in Devanagari. A war room has been prepared here, where 97 doctors from across the country are translating MBBS books into Hindi.

Will start under pilot project

Under a pilot project in Madhya Pradesh, it will be started from Gandhi Medical College, later it will be implemented in 13 other government medical colleges in the state. At the same time, it is expected that Prime Minister Modi can soon release books to implement this project in Uttar Pradesh.


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