UPSC CIVIL SERVICES MAIN EXAM DAY 1: How Was The Essay Paper, Some Felt Easy And Some Difficult


UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 2022: UPS Mains exam started on 7th January. On the first day there was essay paper about which we will tell what was the level of difficulty.

UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 2022:

The  Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Wednesday decided to proceed as per the UPSC Civil Services Mains exam schedule. UPSC CSE Main Exam has started from 7th January. 

It will be held on 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th January. On the first day of the exam there was essay paper about which we will tell how the paper was.   

The essay paper of CSE Main 2021 was the same as usual. UPSC tries to test in depth the ability to think through the wide spectrum of subjects that a candidate studies throughout the year.

The number of philosophical essays has increased over the years, though this time around the benchmark for the past few years. was higher than in years.

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Analysis of the dissertation paper

The first essay of Volume A, titled ‘The Process of Self-Discovery Now Technologically Outsourced’, is a perennial topic about the challenges of science and technology in the UPSC, which is a science without Gandhi’s conscience.

One of the 7 sins of K is a waste of science. Soul. So, it was on the expected lines.

Section A’s second essay, titled ‘Your perception of me is your reflection; My response to you is an awareness of me that needs a moderate explanation. 

It simply means that we do not see the world as they are but we are and we react rather than react.

Essay 3 and 4 of Section A are inspired from the topics from Philosophy Optional. In fact topic No. 4 of Section A titled ‘Real is Rational and Rational is Real’ is a repeated question from previous year’s Philosophy Optional paper.

Though its explained as covid- 19, could also have easily been made in the context of vaccine hesitation and the role of science and technology versus religion.

Subject 5 of Volume B titled ‘Hand the Rocks the Cradle Rules the World’ was an indirect essay on the role of female mother and child and discussed in the context of the first point that the broader interpretation would include women’s equality, empowerment, etc.

The paper covered topics to learn from the past as well as provide a better future.

This is in line with the series of reforms and is similar to the theme echoed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister when he said that New India at 75 needs to be set for incremental development. Changes are needed instead.


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