Agnipath Scheme: Big News Came Amid The Uproar In Bihar, 40 Thousand Recruitment In The First Year


Gave detailed information about the Agneepath scheme from the Vice Chief Army staff.

Agneepath scheme is being described as a revolutionary step for the army. 

The army says that through this, technically skilled youth will be found and the Indian army will be more soldiers. However, students in Bihar are opposing this scheme. Students say that if an MLA gets a chance of five years, then why is he being given a chance of four years. 

In this regard, the Vice Chief Army Staff said that the biggest impact of Agneepath would be that the Indian Army would become more youthful. The biggest advantage of this segment is that it will be implemented at a slow pace. We will do 40 thousand recruitments in the first year. 

The first year 40 thousand recruitments from

all over the country, all 40 thousand recruitments will be done from all over the country. In this, training will be given for 6 months and there will be a job of three and a half years. 

After the end of four years, the army will retain 25 percent of the Agniveers whose vision and desire will be favorable to the army and 75 percent of the people will be free to take any other job. With this scheme, we will be prepared for future battles.  

Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced that soldiers recruited under the Agneepath scheme on short-term contract basis in the Indian Army will be given preference in the recruitment of Madhya Pradesh Police. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday.

Announced a scheme called ‘Agneepath’ for the recruitment of soldiers in the Army, Navy and Air Force, under which the soldiers would be recruited on contract basis for a short period of four years. Welcoming the scheme, Chauhan said, ‘ Such jawans who would have served in the Agneepath scheme, they will be given priority in the recruitment of Madhya Pradesh Police.

The Chief Minister said that the Agneepath scheme will connect the youth with the army and create 45 thousand jobs. “I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the heart for starting this scheme. Indian Army is the pride of the country and pride of the countrymen. 

Indian Army jawans are our heroes, role models. Agneepath scheme has been started to connect the youth with the Indian Army, protect the borders of the country and protect the unity and integrity of Mother India.


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