Artificial Intelligence: Earn Salary In Lakhs By Becoming An Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Make A Career Like This


Artificial intelligence: In today’s time, artificial intelligence is considered one of the highest paying jobs. Students can make a great career in this field by doing a Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence or Robotics after 12th. In this field, an annual package of 10 to 15 lakh rupees is available in the initial phase itself.

Artificial intelligence: 

Since Kovid-19, many new career opportunities have emerged in front of the youth, one of them is Artificial Intelligence. In today’s time, it is considered one of the highest paying jobs. 

If you have passed 12th and want to make a great career in IT sector later, then Artificial Intelligence course can take your career to new heights. This sector is being considered as the best career option for the present as well as the future.

In artificial intelligence, the computer is programmed to choose its response according to different situations. The computer chess program is an example of this. In this, programming is done according to different situations. 

The Artificial Intelligence sector has boosted tremendously in the time of Kovid. This field has made the lives of people more productive and creative today and has also opened up a great career path for the youth.

Minimum Qualification

Computer and Mathematics subjects are mandatory for pursuing Artificial Intelligence course. To make a career in this field, students can do Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence or Robotics after 12th. 

Apart from this, major courses in Computer Science, Mechanical, Electronics, Post Graduate Certificate Program, PG Program in Machine Learning can also make a career in this field. It is better to do MTech in Artificial Intelligence or Robotics to go to the high post.

Career Options in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a great field for career. The job growth so far has been above average. This field requires both an advanced technical background and extensive practical experience. 

People with this rare balance of skill and the real world will be able to take on any role in AI. After completing the course, students make their career in this field in positions like Data Analytics, User Experience, Natural Language Processing, Research Scientist, Software Engineer, Data Mining and Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer and Big Data Engineer. can.


In terms of salary, this field is included in the op sectors. According to some surveys, Artificial Intelligence has also been described as the highest paying job in the year 2022. 

Students can get an annual package of 10 to 15 lakh rupees in this sector as soon as they leave the college. On the other hand, according to the increasing experience and demand, you can get a package of more than 50 lakhs annually in a few years.


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