Government Job Gift From Narendra Modi Government’s Box, 10 Lakh Posts Recruited In 1.5 Years


There is good news for the government job seekers. PM Narendra Modi reviewed the jobs and said that government recruitments should be started on mission mode.

Government job is the dream of every person. But people say that where is the government job? The opposition has also been attacking the Narendra Modi government on this subject. But PM Narendra Modi has instructed the government departments that all the departments where the posts are vacant should be filled on mission mode basis. 

PM Modi tweeted in this regard, in which it is written that reviewed the human resource situation in all departments and ministries and directed that the government should recruit 10 lakh people in mission mode in the next 1.5 years.

Answer to the questions of the opposition

In fact, on the issue of unemployment, all the opposition parties of the country, including the Congress, have been continuously attacking the BJP government. BJP MP Varun Gandhi is also continuously raising this issue. These leaders allege that lakhs of posts are lying vacant in various government departments, on which recruitment is not being done.

In such a situation, this instruction given from the level of Prime Minister Narendra Modi can prove to be a big master stroke for the government and the BJP because if the government gives jobs to 10 lakh people at its level for the next one and a half years i.e. by the end of 2023, then in the country.

There will be a positive change in the employment situation at every level, which is sure to have an impact on the Lok Sabha elections to be held a few months later in 2024.

Recruitment is to be done in the army also,

if we talk about the army, then recruitment is closed for the last two years. Meanwhile, Agneepath- Agniveer was announced by the government. But there is confusion regarding age in Agneepath. 

What age relaxation will be given to the youth preparing for two years? Youth have raised their voice on different occasions. 

The government had informed Parliament that the recruitment could not be done due to Kovid. But people are also questioning whether the recruitment drive was stopped just to take the Agneepath scheme off the ground. 


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