SCHOLARSHIP: These Scholarships Are Available For Phd, Know About 12 National And 12 International Scholarships


Scholarship For PhD: PhD is a post graduate doctoral degree, which is awarded after years of research. The time and money involved in this makes it difficult for the students. However, to make this difficult easier, here we are giving you information about the best scholarships given for PhD at national and international level.

Scholarship For PhD: 

After completing post graduation, most of the people turn towards working professional. Because studies up to PG are considered best for career, although there are some students who want to further research on their favorite. Such students want to get full mastery in the related subject by doing PhD. 

However, doing research on any topic is not easy. It takes many years to complete the research work. During research, thousands of lakhs have to be spent on many types of books, travel and basic needs.

This is the reason why most of the students, after getting interested in research, avoid doing PhD after seeing huge expenses. To solve this problem of students and to increase their interest towards research, central, state and many government institutions give scholarships. 

Financial problems can be ended by getting these scholarships. Here we will tell you about such scholarships given for PhD at 12 national and 12 international levels.

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National Level PSD Scholarship

1. Prime Minister Research Fellowship

2. CSIR-UGC JRF Fellowship

3. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Scholarship

4. FITM – AYUSH Research Fellowship Scheme

5. SAARC Agricultural PhD Scholarship

6. Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship

7. ESSO-NCESS Junior Research Fellowship

8. Vision India Foundation Fellowship

9. Burning Questions Fellowship Awards

10. DBT- JRF Fellowship

11. Google PSD Scholarship Google

12. ICHR Junior Research Fellowship

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International Level PhD Scholarship

1. President PhD Scholarship

2. Commonwealth PhD Scholarship Commonwealth

3. UNU IAS PhD Scholarship

4. Raman Charpak Fellowship

5. Dr. Edward Gublin Research Scholarship

6. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship

7. Korean Government Scholarship Program

8. Fulbright Kalam Climate Fellowship

9. Imperial College PhD Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

10. PhD Scholarship for International Candidates Swansea University

11. IITB Monash Research Academy PhD Scholarship

12. Fusion Normal University President Scholarship for Foreign Students

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Let us tell you that these scholarships available at the international level are provided by the Government of India, private institutions, other countries and international institutions. 

With their help, students can go to other countries and complete their PhD. In most of these scholarships, living and travel expenses are also available along with studies.


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